Goan cuisine, like the land itself, has many flavours and tastes.Seafood such as prawns, lobsters, crabs, pomfrets, clams, ladyfish, mussels, and oysters are used to make a variety of curries, fries, soups and pickles.

Besides fresh seafood, dried and salted fish dishes are also highly prized by Goans.With a wide variety ranging from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes, Goan cuisine is able to satisfy even the most finicky gourmet appetites. Goa has some magnificent culinary delicacies like the prawn balchão and sorpotel which have become famous around the world.

We pride our selves in sourcing river fish and crabs from all the major river in goa. The items in the menus are creatively designed to encourage and preserve goan food.We wish to present our food creations for all to taste True Goa.

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